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Which turban for my

At each hairstyle its constraints, at each hairstyle its turban! At Indira de Paris, you have the choice between many models, all pretty and if you are novice it will make you loose your mind. Fortunately, we are here to advise you and direct you to the accessory that will suit you the best. Tell us how your wear your hair, we will tell you what type of turban is made for you!

I have a bang / fringe

Bangs or fringes are ideal to wear with a turban. These hairstyles bring a retro and chic touch that will complete your look perfectly. If this is your case, you can afford all our products!

Did you know that fake fringes exist? Genius idea to deceive while waiting to decide to go to the hairdresser, or if you wait until your hair grows long enough.

I have no hair

When we don’t have hair, we tend to wear the turban as low as possible to hide it. However, not all turbans look good when they are worn low. We advise as an example to wear front-rounded turbans rather high on the head, at the root of the hair to make sure you don’t close up your face .
On the other hand,V-shaped turbans can be worn lower because they even create an illusion of openness of the face.

We have sorted them out to make your choice easier.

I have a lot of hair / locks

Are you one of those who never find a hat that fits, who has never been able to wear a beanie in winter, or those for whom the swimming cap at the pool was a real nightmare? We have what you need ! Turbans specially made for big hair !

I want to cover all my hair

Our turbans are designed for you to fit all your hair inside if you fancy it. Regarding styling though, we don’t think that not all turbans are ideals to highligh a bare face. Here is our perfect selection for days you don’t want to have one hair out !

I want to let my hair down and keep a fringe

Wear a turban with hair down ? We say yes! We have an guaranteed trick to avoid the turban to fall down on smooth hair : a mini bun at the neck bottom. If you have a fringe or a bang all models are made for you. Have fun ! It works as well if you don’t have a real fringe, and you want to let some hair out on the side of your face. On the other hand, V-shapes turbans can be worn a bit lower as they still give an illusion of openess. We have sorted it out for you to make your life easier.

I want to let my hair down, but without a fringe

Even with hair down, we advise you to avoid hiding your face by wearing the turban too low. We recommend V-shaped turbans that will highligh your face. The trick for the turban to not fall down : a mini bun at the neck bottom to avoid it to come off.