Our concept, the clever turban

Since its launch in 2016, Indira de Paris has been trying to bring up to date and above all to make the turban, this long forgotten fashion accessory, accessible !

Our practical and fun models are a real revolution !

The principle is simple but very innovative : our turbans are put on like hats and then easily attached thanks to playful systems developed by the designer (flexible frames, elastics, etc.).

A French production

Since the first day, Indira de Paris has been this intact desire to create, innovate and sublimate you.

This desire to offer you season after season pieces that are always well thought out, without ever sacrificing style or aesthetics.

But Indira, it is also since our beginnings in 2016, as an evidence, an ethical and ecological commitment which grew at the same time as us.

Our production is as local as possible with creations imagined, designed and designed in our boutique workshop on rue Beaubourg by Katia and her team of model makers; then manufactured in the workshops of our manufacturing partners in the heart of Paris.

Carefully selected fabrics

We pay particular attention to the environmental impact of the materials we use and it is therefore with great care that we select in priority fabrics of natural origin, certified by ecological labels such as the Oeko-tex label or even fabrics from surplus stocks of major houses. Of course it's not perfect yet, but we are doing our best at our level to participate in more sustainable and responsible fashion.

A more responsible fashion

In order to avoid overstocks, we now set up presales for each major collection release.

To encourage you to accompany us in this process, we practice a preferential rate throughout the duration of the presale.

This system allows us to better calibrate our collections while allowing you to benefit from advantageous rates during these periods. Everyone is a winner even the planet!🌱

The creator

Passionate and creative by nature, Katia is an autodidact who loves to learn and touch everything!

Not very good at small talk, don't get her started on the weather, however, she can talk to you for hours about a shade of color, a pattern, a cut, or an inspiration, with stars in the eyes.

As a child, she dreamed of being an author of children's stories, an inventor and a designer! No wonder then that innovation is at the heart of its brand.

She enjoys thinking of herself as a fashion engineer and loves spending time thinking about solutions to make fashion more practical.