Ma pièce préférée de la collection : zoom sur la blouse Jane - Indira de paris

My favorite piece from the collection: zoom on the Jane blouse

I don't think you would believe me if I told you that the Jane blouse was supposed to be the neutral piece in the collection!
The story is that after designing only tops and dresses with very strong prints, I wanted to balance the collection a bit by offering a more "calm" piece. What joke ! It's actually the strongest piece in the collection, by far! But I have no regrets because I took great pleasure in drawing it and following the steps of its creation IRL with the modeling team. And above all the result is incredible! It quickly became my favorite piece in the collection and I'm super happy to see that it's yours too!
If you like strong and a little crazy pieces then we will get along very well because it is exactly the type of clothing that I want to create for the next collections.

Sleeves straight out of a dream

Puffy to perfection and with a set of ruffles edged with lace, these sleeves make my wildest sleeve dreams come true! (Yes, I dream of sleeves, I'll tell you about all my fashion obsessions one day, but today let's focus on Jane!)
And what's great is that despite this little touch of madness, Jane remains a very wearable and incredibly elegant piece, because the other elements that make it up are ultimately very classic.

Sober and neat details

Speaking of more classic elements, I'm completely in love with this very demure little collar, closed with a vintage-style gold button. I also added these small pleats that start from the shoulder and are directly borrowed from men's fashion. When creating this type of pieces, the details actually have the main role: too many details and the garment turns into an unwearable disguise. Not enough details and we have a taste of unfinished, the creation falls a little flat!

An unexpected length!

On the front side, it's a blouse with a very classic length and on the tail side, we're playing the Belle Epoque with this totally unexpected length that would almost make you think of a cape! It's the kind of details that make me happy! Thanks to its slits on the sides, you can have fun tucking the front into your skirt or pants (or shorts! Can you imagine the crazy look?!) and behind you drop that queen train!
How to wear it?

On the shoot, we presented Jane with two very sharp looks.
The first look with the Rachel vinyl skirt, mixes the futuristic side of this material with the Belle Epoque spirit of the shirt. The result is as surprising as canon: the two pieces respond to and balance each other perfectly.

Retro and futurism, maximalism and minimalism, romanticism and sexy! It's the perfect marriage where opposites attract and sublimate!
It's a very flattering outfit, with a lot of character and in which you feel beautiful and strong!

The second look with the Sylvie overalls is also ultra-fashionable. Here again the modern side of the overalls is confronted with the classicism of the blouse, but this time with a more mischievous, more playful side! It's an assumed, joyful, feminine and above all beautiful look!

But of course you can also wear the Jane blouse tucked into your favorite jeans, for a more discreet but just as stunning look. It will transform your simplest looks into sharp looks without any effort and that's also why we love it.
We also love it because it is 100% made in France with fabrics made from natural materials.

If I made you want, you can come and try it in the shop at 96 bis rue Beaubourg or buy it directly on the site. Returns are free if you ever change your mind :)